September 16, 2020

Meet Anna Beth Bobbitt

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What is your role with Traditional Bank?
I started as a Client Relationship Officer with Traditional Bank when we entered the Frankfort market in the fall of 2018.

Why did you become involved with the Frankfort YMCA?
My first love of sports came from participating in leagues at the Frankfort YMCA as a small child.  The YMCA’s mission puts Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy mind, spirit and body for all. Serving as a board member and volunteering as a basketball coach has allowed me to give back to an organization that provided a solid foundation for me growing up. 

How has being a part of the Frankfort YMCA changed you? 
Many people think of the Y as a place to swim or play but it is an inclusive community that brings people of all ages and from all places together. Hearing the powerful testaments from vulnerable children getting the care they need to cancer survivors regaining their sense of purpose has given me a new appreciation for the basic things in life.   

How has serving on the Frankfort YMCA board and volunteering as a coach made you a better leader?  
Understanding the challenges that children, adults and seniors face every day in your community makes you a stronger partner to facilitate change.  At a critical time in the future of the Frankfort YMCA, I have seen first-hand that never losing sight of the purpose will allow you to accomplish your mission.  True leaders keep things in perspective to make decisions that will benefit the greater good. 

What have you learned through your service at the Frankfort YMCA?
Whether you are addressing critical community needs or developing plans, perseverance and team work will always prevail.  Things will inevitably get tough in your journey but if you learn to embrace the challenge as a team, the goals you envisioned will become much more achievable. 

The YMCA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and one of the nation's leading nonprofits for strengthening community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. To learn more about the Frankfort YMCA check out their Facebook page or visit YMCA of Central Kentucky online at



Meet Andy Baker


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What is your role with Traditional Bank?
I’m proud to be Traditional Bank’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

How did you become involved with Habitat for Humanity?
I initially became involved with Habitat in 1993 through our local Leadership Montgomery County program. Each class is required to complete a community project in order to graduate. Our local Habitat affiliate was chartered in 1992 and had built one house and then went stagnate pretty quickly. Our LMC class raised enough money to start a second house and helped form and pour the foundation. I was immediately hooked and have been involved ever since.  I’ve now served over 20 years as the President for Habitat for Humanity in Mount Sterling, Kentucky.

What do you like most about working with this organization?
It is very humbling to work with so many people who are willing to dedicated their time and talent to help others. My favorite part is “Dedication Day”, when I get the privilege of handing over the keys to the new homeowner who is surrounded by all the people that made it possible.

What impact has Habitat for Humanity had on the Mt. Sterling-Montgomery County community?
To date our affiliate has built 11 houses and a community shelter for the Montgomery County Homeless Coalition. Through our relationship with the Montgomery County Area Technology Center, carpentry students are bused to the building site and provide a majority of the labor to complete our houses. So, in addition to providing quality housing for 11 families, we are teaching young people in our school system the benefits of giving back to your community.

What have you learned through your service to Habitat for Humanity?
My two biggest takeaways from working with Habitat are: Having a decent place to live should not be taken for granted. It is life changing for our partner families. And there are a lot of caring and generous people in our community working for the greater good of all our neighbors.

Visit to learn more about how you can volunteer and support Habitat for Humanity or Habitat for Humanity Montgomery CountyHabitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that helps families build and improve places to call home. Affordable housing plays a critical role in strong and stable communities. Every gift helps a family build a foundation.



Meet Elizabeth Hobbs


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What is your role with Traditional Bank?
I’ve been with Traditional Bank since April 2019 as a Commercial Loan Officer.

Why did you become involved with All God’s Children?
I first became aware of All God’s Children at a Nicholasville Rotary meeting back in 2012.  In 2016 I was approached by one of the Board members to join the Board and was welcomed as a Board member in March of that year.  All God’s Children provides a unique experience for a pregnant/parenting teen mom.  With a residential treatment facility, independent living, foster care, onsite daycare and recently added professional counseling services we are able to provide many outlets of support for mother, baby and families.

How has being a part of the organization changed you?
Seeing and hearing the stories of these young mothers – some as young as 12 years old – only babies themselves – birthing and learning to parent their young babies is inspiring.  We are all faced with difficult situations and AGC provides support and options for these teens in hard times.  As a mother of a young daughter, it is really eye opening to see how these girls can overcome adversity and challenges and become successful mothers at such a young age.

How has serving this organization made you a better leader?
Taking the role as Chair of the Board two years ago has certainly shown me how important your team is to make an organization work effectively. Listening is so important to be an effective leader. The best leaders put together strong teams with people they trust.

What have you learned through your service to this organization?
Things are always changing and you have to learn to navigate change. You have to learn to adapt to change and understand not everyone is going to always be on the same page. But never forget the why - and in the case of service to AGC it is to empower and support mothers and nurture and protect new babies. All Children deserve a chance.

To learn more about All God’s Children and how you can support, visit