September 11, 2020

Video Conference Tips

African american woman in headphone waves to video screen on laptop.


Below are some articles that our training and marketing groups have found helpful as we work to improve our video conferencing skills.  We thought we’d share, as so many of our business and consumer customers are working from home full or part time, hosting virtual meetings, or supervising employees who are working from home. For many of us the pandemic has meant acquiring a whole new set of technology and communication skills . . . and FAST.

Working Remote? These Are the Biggest Dos and

Don'ts of Video Conferencing

As more and more businesses go remote, these are ways to be more effective and efficient on conference calls.

Bryan Lovgren

Co-Founder of TrustaFact

10 Tips for Staying Human on Video Calls

Simon Mont


April 23, 2020

6 tips for video conferencing like a pro

Microsoft 365 Team

April 28, 2020