Dealing With Debt ... The FDIC Offers Consumers Sound Advice

Whether you have a little bit of debt or a lot, managing it wisely and ultimately paying off what you owe can be crucial to your financial well-being. The Fall 2017 FDIC Consumer News suggests ways to handle different kinds of debt, including:

• What to do if you're struggling to pay your loans, credit cards or other bills

• Tips on financing a car and getting the best terms possible for an auto loan

• Information on why your credit card interest rate can go up and how to deal with rate increases

• Things to consider before co-signing a student loan, which can be risky because you are promising to pay the loan back if the student-borrower fails to do so.

For help with these and other common debt struggles, visit, with e-reader and portable audio (MP3) versions forthcoming. Additionally, in the coming weeks a Spanish-language version will be posted at