With all the news on the Heartbleed Security bug this past week, Traditional Bank would like to express how it’s important and good security practice to update and change all online passwords periodically. 

Here are a few tips on how to make your passwords more secure:

  1. Make your password sufficiently long- Security experts recommend passwords should contain a minimum of 14 characters.
  2. Make your password sufficiently complex- Include characters in a combination that won’t be easily guessed.
  3. Update your anti-virus, anti-spamware and anti-malware software- Keeping security software up to date reduces the chance of your personal computer getting compromised.

Lastly, different passwords should be used for different accounts on different sites.  More passwords make it difficult for a thief to hack multiple accounts if one password is stolen. 

For more information on The Heartbleed Bug  please reference the following links: